Recommended links for anti-scamming activities & information.
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Anti Fraud News - All the latest anti fraud news in one place.

Scamorama - The 2nd best scambaiting site on the internet! Seriously, a fabulous site

Le Blog de Jerome - French language baiting blog

Scambaiter Deutschland - Impressive looking site in German.

Artists Against 419 - Help us to close down fake banks!

ScamPatrol - A great place for support and information.

419 Email Database - A good collection of 419 scam emails

The Nigerian Scam Page - Do you get email from Nigeria?!

The Rev. Kevin Mingeeater! - A new and very promising site. - My Nigerian pen pals.

Goofing WIth Nigerian Scammers - Donny & Marie fight the good fight!

Crimes of Persuasion - Some really good resources here.

the site warnings!

What's The Bloody Point? - Scam baiting par excellence. Some VERY funny stuff here!



MISCELLANEOUS ANTI-SCAM LINKS, INFORMATION AND HELP - Informing, alerting & assisting the general public and fraud victims. - Great site for tracking down the location of IP addresses. - Excellent scam resource & information. - Great resource. Database of scammer profiles and information. - Trace IP addresses plus FREE gadgets for your own website, a must have tool. - Politics & Current Affairs forum.

Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) - Combating 419 fraud. Excellent resource.

The 419 Coalition Website - Lots of good advice and even more great links!



Non 419 Related Sites


Internet Crime Complaint Center - US based site for filing cybercrime complaints.

Find an Attorney - Los Angeles Based Attorney Referal site.