TITLE: I Don't Know About Art But I Know What I Like!
SCAMMER NAME: "Pastor" Kenneth Bornking
SCAMBAITER: Shiver Metimbers


Pastor Reverend Bornking. Remember that name people, and pass it onto your friends. Quite a prolific donation scammer if my accounts are anything to go by. I received at least 30 separate emails in my accounts from the pastor, all plying the same scam. Time to get him to work for his money!

Checks have been done on this guy, and if anyone is any doubt that this person is a scammer please note this excerpt sent to a legal organization from a victim scammed by Kenneth (Note: Victim's name removed for privacy purposes):

"I am xxxxx xxxxxx from Rome Italy, I have been robbed and stolen from by a Nigerian who called himself a pastor from Ivory Coast, his name is Kenneth Bornking when he contacted me in 2000 he said he the founder of 'Kenneth Bornking Faith ministries' of which he opened a web site from I was in the USA during this period of which I sent then almost $5,000 and some books and also clothes. I finally discovered that he was a prisoner from the Republic of TOGO who was set free and came to the IVORY COAST claiming to be a pastor, this man was with a fake (Bible School Certificate) deceiving so many American Churches claiming to be a pastor and need a church that he can be affiliated with.

After I was transferred from my place of work to Rome-Italy I lose contact with him but I just met another fiend of mine here that this same Kenneth Borking has taken $2,800. When he discovered that I am about to get rid of him he changed the name of his church from Kenneth Bornking Faith Ministries to Victory Church International. I have attached his pictures with this mail along with the picture of his wife that they have been running this scam together. I will plead that this mail should be sent to every one on the Internet to stop this man from stealing from the people of the house hold of faith.

Many people are falling for his tricks right now because he is using the rightful word of GOD to deceive others. Please post his photo on the Internet so that others can see him. He is also having a fake web site that he is using to deceive others.

Sincerely Yours,
xxxxx xxxxxx"

As well as the letter above, there is plenty of other evidence that Kenneth is as close to being a Pastor as I am to being the Pope!


Let's rock!


From: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
To: Derek Trotter
Date: Sunday, September 04, 2005
Subject: Pastor Kenneth Bornking

Beloved In Christ,

Greetings to you through our Lord Jesus Christ the KING of kings.

Our church is the Vicroty Church Intl. in Ivory Coast in the western part of Africa. This church has been serving and worshiping the Lord for the past 2 years, blessed with many members and was founded by me (Pastor Kenneth Bornking), I got born again about 27 years ago and since have been serving the Lord, have
served in several churches in Africa, both in the Ivory Coast and out side Ivory Coast.

Our church was burnt down because of the political conflict that happened on the 19th of September 2002, we lost so much and many of our members were also
affected but we give all the glory that we are still alive today for His glory as He said that we shall not die but live to proclaim His glory.

Since 2002 that our church was burnt down, we have been doing our church services out side but right now we are in a rainy season here in the Ivory Coast and
the rain is disturbing us during our church services, also our church land was given to us so many years ago by the government now the government want the land
back if we didn't re-build our church and they have already given us a deadline, it's in regard to this that we have decided to contact you for help in re-building our church so that the people of God can be able to worship the Lord in joy and happiness.

A new zealand pastor has already promised us some money for the re-construction but this will not be able to complete the re-construction and it's in regard to this that we have contacted you for help, we have a sister in the USA who can be ale to explain in details to you what we have been facing during the past years, she is our friend in Christ and has been praying for us all these years, please if you will like to get in touch with her let me know and I will be glad to forward to you her details, her friend recently visited us here as to confirm our situation.

About me, I am a 49 years old man, happily married to a Rachael Bornking and blessed with a daughters who has also been serving the Lord with me in God's kingdom. Have also some other pastors working hand in hand with me in God's vineyard. I was ordained as a pastor many years ago and since then have worked in
several ministries before the Lord lead to start this ministry.

If you need any more information please kindly let me know. May the grace of our Lord be with you now and for ever.

Yours On the Potter's Wheel [Potter's bloody wheel? What is this guy on?]
Pastor Kenneth Bornking
victory Church Intl.
Abidjan -Ivory Coast - West Africa



Come on down Derek Trotter. Director of Trotter's Fine Arts.

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 4 Sep 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

Thank you so much for your very nice email, however I am afraid that I will be unable to help you at this time.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Derek Trotter and I am the director of Trotter Fine Arts Dealer and Art Scholarships. We are dealers in fine art and ethnic art from all over the world and we supply many business and private customers. We also offer scholarship donations to aid up and coming new artists who may otherwise not have the financial means to be able to produce or improve their work. Our scholarship payments range from between $20,000 and $150,000 depending on the artistic potential of the artist.

We are already registered in the UK as a Christian charity and annually give charitable donations to UK causes, however strict UK laws mean that we are unable to give outside the UK, I am sorry.

However if you have any contacts who have artists who you think may benefit from our financial help then I would be very interested to be put in touch with them. We are very keen on promoting new artists and will be happy to offer a very generous scholarship package to young or old artists with good potential. If you have an artist as part of your ministry who could benefit from our financial help then indeed we could help you that way.

Again I am sorry I cannot help you with your main request but I wish you luck in finding somebody to help you.

Kind regards,

Derek Trotter
Trotters Fine Arts

So, I have dangled a carrot, but also given Kenneth the chance to jump ship if he really is who he says he is.

Anyone care to guess if Kenneth just happens to have an artist handy?!



From: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
To: Derek Trotter
Date: Tuesday, September 06
Subject: Re: Thanks

Dear Derek Trotter,

We are pleased to appreciate your understanding as regards the matter which made us to know you and your profession.

We have throughly prayed concerning this very matter and hence we believe in divine connection, although what the enemy meant for evil God can always turn it
for for good.

We are God's ambassador in this nation Ivory Caost and again we are national leaders and school directors of our mission here.

Again, relating to your Email to us, You made mention that if we have a person who is talented in drawings and paintings that your good office may be of a help to such a person. We have checked in all our churches and we wish to recommend to you this faithful, talented and a born artist. Below are his details;-

Name: Jonas Onyebuchi
Nationality: Nigerian
Age: 29 years
Highest school attented: Secondary school(College)
Year of Admission: 1993
Year of Exit: 1998
Course attended: ARTS(with a score of Alpha in fine arts)
i.e, Creative and Calligraphic works
2)Live Drawings
3)Still Live
4)Aquatic Drawings
5)Sea Scape Drawings
6)Land Scape Drawings
7)Anatomy Drawings
8)Wall Sculptures
9)House and Wall decoration.

Currently he is working with N,Graffity Communication here in Abidjan Ivory Coast). We also wish you know that here in our contonent, Africa is blessed but many have died and was buried with their God given potentials unexpressed or unlearshed,so, we pray that through you and your good office that our beloved brother will become somebody in the future.

Best Regards

Rev, Bornking.

So, I've struck it lucky and by an astounding coincidence, the pastor is the man for me where artwork is concerned.



From: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
To: Derek Trotter
Date: Tuesday, September 07
Subject: Re: Re:Thanks

Dear Derek Trotter ,

In follow-up to your earlier Email, we have delibrated on the total content and have accepted all you out-lined.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and an addition of your telephone number(s).

Thanks. Best regards,

Rev, Bornking K.C.



OK, time to give Ken some instructions.

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 8 Sep 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

I will speak with my board members in the morning and arrange to have the photographs sent to you by email attachment. Please pass these the images to your artist to duplicate by either drawing or painting them. Please remember:

1. All paintings or drawings must be in colour.

2. Paintings or drawings MUST be the artists own work and must NOT be traced from copies of the original photographs.

3. Paintings or drawings must be received within 14 days of the original photographs being sent by email attachment.

4. Completed paintings or drawings must be posted to us, preferably by a courier such as FedEx or DHL.

Just to let you know the procedure. Once we receive the paintings/drawings, they will be examined by our 4 board members and donation payments will be made to the artists depending on individual talent. Minimum donations are $20,000 ranging up to $150,000. To qualify for the maximum donation amount however the artists work must be of truly exceptional quality, and in our experience of the 375 artists so far we have helped this is very rare. However I am sure you will agree that even the minimum $20,000 would enable your ministry to do some extremely important work. Also, to aid you, please note that our board members usually pay more for painted work rather than drawn work.

Your payments will be sent within 24 hours of receiving the original artwork and completed agreement form, and you can have the payments made by whatever means best suits your purposes.

I will contact you again shortly to email to you by attachment three images for your artists to reproduce to the best of their abilities. My contact telephone number is as follows: +44 8707 6XX XXX. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind regards,

Derek Trotter
Trotters Fine Arts

I decide to wait things out and not send anything unto Kenneth calls me. I don't want to appear to eager for him to do the work!



Seven days later I receive a telephone call from Ken. Seems he likes a little giggle. I'm glad, as I hope he can smile at then end of my dealings with him.

Date: 15th September 2005 Pastor Bornking (983k MP3)



I sent Ken two sample pictures for his artists to work from. As they are real photograph of me I don't want to show my face!

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 16 Sep 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

REF: 81856121/AFT

Thank you for your telephone call this afternoon, it was nice to hear from you.

As I promised, please find attached the two sample images which your two artists are required to reproduce. I know I have given you some instructions previously, but to help you I shall repeat some here for you.

1. Your two artists must each pick one each of the attached images (artist one paints image2.jpg and artist two paints image2.jpg).

2. The images must then be reproduced either by drawing of painting in as much detail as possible. All artwork must be in colour. Black & white drawings will not be accepted.

3. The MINIMUM picture size acceptable is 14 inches by 14 inches (36 x 36 centimeters). There is no limit to the size of the drawings/paintings so long as the minimum size is not below 14 x 14 inches.

4. The artwork can be on quality paper, canvas or board. The choice is entirely for your artists to make.

Here are some tips to help you further:

The two images have been chosen carefully as each contain some amount of small detail. The images are of one of our UK photographic artist Robert Newton (some of his photographs can be seen in the background in "image2.jpg").

It is important for your artists to reproduce as much small detail as possible. The artwork will be scored in various ways and the board members will be able to judge the abilities of the artists more accurately if care is taken on the detail.

Although drawings are accepted, please note that paintings are considered by the board members to be more desirable, and you will be awarded higher payments for paintings.

Note that as a precaution, all received artwork is carefully checked to ensure that the artists have not used methods such as tracing etc. to create their work. Any artwork that is suspected of being traced or not true artwork will be rejected.

Once the artwork is completed, please contact me and I will forward you the address of our York (UK) offices so that you can arrange the shipping of the two pieces of artwork to us for examination and final payment awards. You may use whatever methods you require for shipping the artwork. My advice to you would be to ship the artwork by a courier such as DHL or FedEx, that way the board members will be able to judge your artists work more quickly and hence your payments will be made much quicker. Note that all your shipping expensed will be fully reimbursed once the artwork is received.

Note that we have now give you a donation reference number ( 81856121/AFT ). This will appear on all future paperwork and payments to you. Please try to quote the reference number on all future communications. We have many hundred of donation applications a year and consequently a lot of mail so it will help us to keep track of your case more easily when you quote this reference number.

Once you have received this email kindly reply to let me know when you will be able to have the completed artwork ready to ship.

Kind regards,

Derek Trotter
Trotters Fine Arts

I attach photos (smaller versions are presented here) of "Robert Newton", but they are actually photos of yours truly!

Me, practicing for my "no photos please" pose! Posing with Rosie, my cat.



Ken hasn't replied for a few days, so time to send him a 'get your finger out' message.

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 19 Sep 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

REF: 81856121/AFT

Please will you confirm that you received my previous email.

I am due to visit an art convention in Singapore on October 2nd, and I would like to ensure our business is completed before this date if possible.

Please reply and let me know when you expect to be able to supply the artwork.

Kind regards,

Derek Trotter
Trotters Fine Arts



Ken gets the message and decided to call with some feeble excuses, but at least he is getting on with the pictures!

Date: 20th September 2005 Pastor Bornking (1.07 MP3)



I left Ken to get busy, and just less than a week later he calls with some good news and he sounds happy!

Date: 26th September 2005 Pastor Bornking (260k MP3)



From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 26 Sep 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

REF: 81856121/AFT

Thank you for your telephone call a short while ago. I am glad you have managed to complete the pictures. Please find my head office address details below.

Please forward the picture to my secretary who will inform me the moment that it arrives. My secretary's name is Mrs. xxxx xxxxxx, she handles all my incoming mail. Once she has given me your package I will show the board members and they will then approve the immediate payments to you. You should hopefully receive your payment within a few hours of the board members inspecting the artwork.

Once you have shipped the package, please let me know immediately so that I will know when to expect it. If you are sending it by courier please let me know the details including the tracking number so that I can alert my secretary when to expect it so that I can deal with your package immediately.

My office address is:

xxxx xxxxx
xx xxxxxx xxx
xxxxxx Street
United Kingdom

Please let me know how much the courier fees are so that I can reimburse you once I receive the artwork.


Derek Trotter
Trotters Fine Arts



Just over a week later Ken emails me to let me know the artwork has been shipped.

From: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
To: Derek Trotter
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Subject: we are ready and have sent the artwork

Derek Trotter

REF: 81856121/AFT

we are sorry for the little delay ,It was just because of our concluded conferrence.

Now, we have send the Art-work. check-out

Tracking code;8528 5495xxxx

Normally, All we spend should be in the neighbourhood of 200USD but we don't mean you should pay us back but rather if you are lead by Holy Spirit through your
inner witnessing to sow a financial seed to our church you can do so.

Many thanks in advance.

Pastor Kenneth & Rachael Bornking.



Ken calls again, and I ask about when the pictures will be arriving.

Date: 28th September 2005 Pastor Bornking (383k MP3)



After a short delay (apparently the package had to be inspected by UK customs) the artwork finally arrives.

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 4 Oct 2005

Dear Pastor Kenneth,

REF: 81856121/AFT

This email is to confirm that my secretary received your package this morning, thank you.

Unfortunately I have not yet been able to examine it as I am currently out of town at a meeting with some clients and I will not be back in my office until tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. I will immediately contact you as soon as myself and the other board members have examined your artwork.


Derek Trotter
Managing Director
Trotters Fine Arts

My artwork:

Click on the picture for full size version.
Click on the picture for full size version.

Ken's artist seems to have mistaken my cat for some kind of demented furball!


Here's a picture of the FedEx packaging:

Ken also doesn't seem to notice that October the 2nd has been and gone and I am not in Singapore.



Time to let the pastor know how much has little scam may have earned him!

From: Derek Trotter
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: 7 Oct 2005


Dear Pastor Kenneth,

REF: 81856121/AFT

I am pleased to tell you that my board members have accepted your artists submissions, and you are to be awarded the following amount US $27,462.00

All that is required is for you to complete the agreement and payments for (RA/1811/89T) and return a signed copy of it to us by email attachment. Once we receive the completed form your payment will be made immediately.

Please will you confirm the full name and address of the person the payment is to be made to and how you require the payment to be made?

I have attached forms for your completion by email attachment to this email. The forms comprise of the following:


Again, once we have received copies of the completed above forms by email attachment your payment will be made.



Derek Trotter
Managing Director
Trotters Fine Arts


As it is the weekend, and a lot of scammers don't seem to work weekends, so I don't expect his forms to appear until Monday.



Ken attaches his completed forms. Nothing too special, just a time wasting exercise!

From: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
To: Derek Trotter
Date: Monday, October 10, 2005
Subject: thank you sor your foms attached

Dear Derek Trotter

REF: 81856121/AFT

Sir, We have complitted the forms as you demanded and we hereby attach all the forms to you.

We wish also to appreciate your concerns,effort and your encouragement scholaship programme in which you permitted our church members to be part of it.

We also wish to let you know that we have succeded in announcing about your company in more than 50 churches here and as a result to this, many talented youths in different practical sectors of life are zealous to demostrate their individual abilities if only a chance or oppurtunity will be given to them, so, we wish you also think concerning this, who knows if for this purpose we are called to the kingdom of our Lord christ Jesus.

We wish you send the awarded fee to us with the below information through western union:-

Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Ivory Coast(Cote d'Ivoire).
Tel 225-2126xxxx,0750xxxx.

We wish to repeat our thanks.


Pastor Kenneth & Rachael Bornking

The forms:

Some things to note here:

1. He got the triangle question wrong. The answer is 27
2. Ken entered "NO" to the Fridgeractionationalismatic fraud question, which is a word I made up of course.
3. The concept of "high quality" when applied to scans seems to be lost on Kenneth.



Now to liven things up a bit. I bring in the "interfering scammer" modality. Basically I am going to play the part of another scammer who is trying to muscle in on Kenneth's scam.

From: Kingsley Ugwu (a known scammer, but in this case I am taking on his persona)
To: Pastor Kenneth Bornking
Date: Monday, October 10, 2005
Subject: work dis job with me

my guy

I nam is Kingsley and i am in pretoria south afrika. you are working a job on my own maga derek trotter. i have hacked trotters email and dey gon see what you are doing wid dis guy. i can see all mail he send and all mail commin in.

you have sent pitures to trotter so that dis maga will send you some cash donation?????? let me mek it know to you that i have been working dis guy many weeks and have receive 2 payments from him up to now full money bein £31000, but i need help to get more becos my guy who can paint for me gon foreva and i cannot get more piture that trotter is waitin for from me. i ask you if you want to join me in dis job and help?? trotter is expecting 4 new pitures from me in next few weeks but i cannot get them. if you agree to mek the piture for me i will let u join me in dis job and share 50-50 profits form dis maga. my bank account in pretoria has been closed and south afrika no have western union so I struggle for payment again from trotter. if you agree we mek parteners i let trotter pay you and you can send share to me?

what do you say brother?


Lets see what Kenneth has to say to that.



UPDATE 24th October 2005

Well, I'm gutted! Kenneth didn't take any notice of my fake scammer, and continued to write to me for a week or so. I wrote to Kenneth as the other scammer Kingsley Ugwu to tell him I had taken over Derek Trotter's email account and that if Kenneth would not go into partnership with me then I would make sure Trotter never sees any of Kenneth's emails. Again Kenneth refused to communicate with my fake scammer, and eventually all emails stopped.

I am going to wait for a few weeks and then get back in touch with Kenneth as Derek Trotter to enquire why he hasn't been answering my emails to him (he has, but I pretended my emails were being blocked). Hopefully more fun can be had.

END (for now).


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