You might be surprise to receive this letter from me since you don't know me
personally. I am Mrs.Helen Johnson the wife of late Mr Michael Johnson who
was murdered by the Zimbabwean war veterans and irate black people. I am
writing this mail from Harare, Zimbabwe.

I got your contact address through South Africa chamber of commerce and
industry. After due consideration of your profile, hence I decided to write
to you. I write to solicit for your special assistance to my family
shattered by a tyrannical government led by a dictator and his (ZANU-PF)
ruling party, President ROBERT MUGABE.

Because of land and farmland crisis in Zimbabwe the government Secretly
sponsored the war veterans and some irate party members to disposed the land
being occupied by the white farmers. This action has led to killing of some
members of opposition party including my husband who did not support this
ill-fated action. But before the death of my husband, he anticipated some
dangers and so he smuggled out the sum of US$25.5 million dollars (Twenty
five million five Hundred Thousand united state dollars) to South Africa and
deposited it in a Security Company with the intention of using it for the
purchase of farm machinery and chemicals for agricultural Purpose in South
Africa and establishment of a new farm in Swaziland.

This money was deposited in a box as family valuables to avoid much
demurrage in the Security Company. On the 29 august 2001 the war veterans
and some spotters of (ZANU-PF) ruling party trooped into our compound and
axed my husband to death and my second son of 22yrs. Since then they have
been terrorizing my son Anthony but he managed to escape to neighbouring
country South Africa as a political asylum seeker (refugee).

His position in South Africa does not permit him to open an account or to
operate any business. That is why I want this fund to be transferred in your
account so that you will assist him to invest the money in your country. If
you accept to assist us, all I want from you is to arrange and come down to
Johannesburg South Africa so that you can help him to open a non-resident
bank account in your name which will aid us in transferring the money into
your nominating account overseas.

I have two options for you, firstly, you can choose to have certain
percentage of the money for nominating your account in this transaction or
we can go into partnership with you for the proper profitable investment of
the money in your country whichever the option you want fell free to notify
with him. He will then furnish you with every detail you needed to know.

We have also mapped out 5% of the total sum for any expenses that might be
incurred during the time of this transaction. If you do not prefer a
partnership, we are willing to give you 25% of the money while the remaining
70% will remain for my family, if you are really capable and willing to
assist us please contact him immediately in South Africa with this telephone
00-27-83-503-1857, and fax number 00-27-83-949-3573. or
e_mail;[email protected],

Finally please treat this mater as urgent as possible, I'm in dire him to
leave that country soonest. Thanks for you're mutual co-operation. I
expecting your soonest and urgent response.

Best Regards,



Dear Mrs. Johnson;

Greeting from the USA.

Please send further instructions. I will furnish you with my checking
account if you promise that I can keep my 25% of your husbands fortune plus
pay for the wire transfer fee of $29.00US.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

(Miss)Wilomina Jazmine Finnklestein

My Dear Wilomina Jazmine,

Thank you for your kind response to my mother's proposal regarding an
urgent and confidential transaction. I do appreciate your interest and
willingness to offer a helping hand in this and more so your expressed
commitment towards the actualization of this project. I did note what
you said regarding the provision of your account and the transfer

This is welcome but we have not gotten to that stage at the moment.
For purposes of clarity, I would like to give you a fresh explanation
on the purposes of this request. For your information again, we have a
money which is secured in a private security company here in
South Africa; due to our political status here as asylum seekers, the
laws here do not give us the right to open an account or even
undertake any business enterprise.
This is why we want to use a foreign partner to get this money out;
and then transfer to your account overseas. After that, I will come
over to your country for the sharing and where I hope to reside and
also invest our own part of the money with your direction.

The funds are presently deposited in a private Security Company here
in South Africa and we need to retrieve the funds first before we talk
about transferring to your overseas account. This is the first step
which shall be followed by other steps.

The modalities for the completion of the business is also simple:
1.You will be required to come to South Africa during the final stages
when we will collect the money from the security company.
2.You will open an account in a Commercial bank here where we will
deposit the money before instructing the bank to transfer to your
account abroad.
3.We will sign an investment agreement, before joining you to your
country for the sharing according to our agreed percentages.

All these processes will not take more than 10 days to be completed
because everything had been done to ensure a hitch free transaction.
All I want you to do is to furnish me with your full details such as
name and address, telephone and fax numbers and your profile. These
information will be sent to our family lawyer who will use them to
start the process of the changing of the ownership of the consignment
(Fund) to your name and the other necessary arrangements.

Please, I want you to reply immediately so that we will start
processing the release of the fund in your name, without any further

Anthony Johnson

Mr. Johnson,

I'm not sure why you need a "profile". If you're looking for a credit
report, I can assure you that I'm fairly established. As an only-child,
I've inherited my father's successful business and own my home and vehicles
free and clear. Further, as acting CEO of my fathers business, I cannot
leave the country for extended periods as you mentioned in item #1 below.

Please explain to me what you need by way of profile.


My Dear Wilomina Jazmine

I thank you for your mail which was a prompt response to my last
message. I do appreciate your continued interest and willingness to
assist me and my family in this transaction which is depicted in your
last message. I remain optimistic that this transaction would be
successfully concluded in a short period once we get started.
I have noted all that you said in your mail which has boosted my
confidence in your capability of handling a transaction of this
magnitude. The request about your profile should not be
misrepresented. All I meant to ask was your full names and address, of
your company name and your pasonal address (if any), telephone and fax
numbers and any other necessary information which could be relevant in
the process of changing the beneficiary rights to your name. All these
will be submitted to our family lawyer who will act upon that to
process the release of the consignment (fund) to you.

Please, I will request that you provide me with these information
immediately; more especially your direct private telephone number for
a discussion on this regarding the modalities for the successful
execution of this project. You can as well call me on my direct number
+27-83-503-1857 for more information. As I said earlier, we do rely on
you for assistance and hope that you will not dash our hopes and

Please respond as quickly as possible knowing fully well that time is
of great essence in this transaction.



My Dear Mr. Johnson (can I call you Anthony - or Tony?);

In running my late fathers business, I've become accustomed to using
technology when transacting business. Specifically, we use PolyCom Video
Conferencing equipment when dealing with our customers and vendors. I'm
assuming that you do not have access to such equipment.

Would it be possible that you could provide me with a recent picture of

I modestly remind you that I am, at present, unmarried.




My Dearest Willie,

I am very happy reading your mail and still knowing that you are very
willing to assist my family in this transaction. I am particularly
happier that you are still single just like me. Knowing this have
given me more confidence and hope that we would have a wonderful
relationship as time goes on; especially as I hope to come over to
your country at the end of the

Well, at this point I would have suggested that you call me on my
telephone for a discussion or better still, provide your telephone
number for me to call you. It will be most wonderful talking to you
and getting ourselves familiarized. I would like you to call me "Tony"
as this is what my loved ones call me.

I have noted what you said concerning the "polycom video conferencing
equipment" which unfortunately is not obtainable here in South Africa.
That notwithstanding, it will in no way affect our conclusion of this
transaction. Your request for my recent photograph have been noted but
the only problem is that I do not have any recent photographs and more
so, how will it be sent to you? I do not have the wherewithal to send
it to you at this moment.

The most important thing bothering me now is how to complete this
project at hand. I want you to send your details such as full names
and address, telephone and fax numbers, which the family lawyer will
use to start the process of the change of beneficiary to your name.
This is very important if we are to commence action regarding the
successful conclusion of this transaction. Please, send the required
information as quickly as possible.

I am anxiously waiting to hear from you today.



My Dearest Tony;

I tried calling you about an hour ago and couldn't get through. Could you
please re-check the number you gave me in your earlier letter?

I've attached a recent picture of myself. I assure you that I look better
in person. Could you please return the favor and send me a picture of
yourself? Are you a man of color? Either way, I'm sure you are very

Below please find my flight itinerary to Johannesburg on April 3rd - the
soonest I can get my passport processed. Please let me know that you're
available to pick me up at the airport.

Flight Information
98 ORD Chicago 04/03/2003 09:55 PM LHR London 04/04/2003 12:30 PM Boeing
777 (777)
Travel Time: 7 hrs 35 min

237 LHR London 04/04/2003 07:30 PM JNB Johannesburg 04/05/2003 07:25 AM
Boeing 747-400 Passenger (744)

Travel Time: 10 hrs 55 min

Until then, I remain truly yours,


My Dearest Willie,

My joy knew no bounds when I read your mail to see the flight
arrangements which you provided. I am happy to note that you have
scheduled to arrive here on the 3rd April which will facilitate the
completion of the transaction.

Unfortunately, I did not receive the picture which you said that you
sent to me. Also, I do not have a personal picture right now, but I
can send to you my asylum paper which have my passport photograph on
it. You can use it to see my face and also for identification. I can
assure you that I am a black person and have all the features of a
black man. I think I am reasonably handsome too; this is relative.

Meanwhile, there are some KEY POINTS I want you to note very well
before your arrival here in South Africa.
1) You should as a matter of urgency send your telephone number to me
so that I will call you for a discussion.

2)You should send to me immediately your full names and address which
I will submit to our family lawyer here for the changing of the
ownership of the consignment (Fund) to your name. This change will be
completed by next week unfailingly.

3)You should equally contact our family lawyer, MR. ZAK KOMO on his
E-mail:[email protected] for more information and clarifications
on the modalities for the conclusion of the transaction when you
arrive here in South Africa. This is very very important.

4)Definitely, I will make plans to come to the airport to pick you up.
The arrangements will be concluded subsequently before your arrival
date. Before then, a hotel reservation will be made on your behalf,
which I will confirm to you.

Please my dearest Willie, you know that I am now hoping on you for the
success of this transaction. My confidence on you is growing daily and
I look forward to seeing you face to face in South Africa soonest.
This is why you should urgently provide all the information required
from you in order to proceed with the transaction and complete it as
quickly as possible.
Remember that I will go back with you to America after the conclusion
of the transaction. The lawyer is helping me in procuring the
necessary travelling documents for my return journey with you to

I am anxiously waiting to get all the needed information from you
today; and for your re-confirmation, my direct telephone number is 00
Please call me immediately you receive this e-mail or give me a number
to call. Thank you my lovely Willie.

Yours only,

Naku penda, Tony!

You charmer! I only wish this email could show how I am blushing at this
I count the minutes until we're together. I think about you day and night -
what you look like, sound like, your black man features - the whole package!

Can I make a request? Please don't take it the wrong way, but could you
ensure that my hotel room has a Jacuzzi - maybe one that is
heart-shaped-for-two? This will be the honeymoon I never had! I only
wish my father was here to see how happy I am!

It does concern me, however my love, that you think I'm only interested in
money and lawyers, as you keep pressing me for details for the legal
mumbo-jumbo. Tony dear, I have plenty for the two of us. Run away with
me to the USA. If it's too cold here in Illinois, we can move to Aruba or
some other tropical island.

I will call you today at 4:00pm. After that, I need to spend some time at a
funeral home for my best friend who recently died of renal failure. What a
tragedy. I'm ready for a vacation to your wondrous land of zebras, tigers,
trees and monkeys.

All my love,