The responses from Bashiru are fairly typical. Make sure you read the replies (in Bold) and ESPECIALLY the last Letter !! Enjoy.



Waju Takme IV – Ozzy Scambaiter.



----- Original Message -----
From: "From bashiru Ahmed" <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:58 PM
Subject: From Bashiru Ahmed



Dear Sir,

Good day to you.

I got your contact while serching for investment assistance; I am Mr.Bashuri
Ahmed Zamani a 23 years old .I am the first born of the deceased Col. Zamani
Kebir a rebel leader of the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone,who
died,at battle field on 5the june 2002.during the West Africa peace keeping
intervention at the peak of the Sierra Leonian war.Before his death,he
deposited an amount of Ten million five
hundred thousand American dollars(U.S.$10.500,000) in a private security
company .

Presently,I want you to help me transfer the money into your accounts,so
that you can help me to invest it and also to help me acquire naturization
status inyour country.
I will give you 10% as your reward and also 5% as miscellaneous expenses.I
need your reply urgently to enable me forward the necessary information
which protects the documents which are with me as the beneficiary. I hope to
hear from you at the earliest convenient time.

Yours sincerely.

Mr.Bashuri Ahmed Zamani.




Dear Mr Zamani,

I am Mr. Waju Takme IV.

I have received your request and understand the urgency. I will pass this
request to my financial department headed by Mr . Hizan Idi Otu.

We will then convene a meeting all together to decide of this is worthwhile

If we are not interested, then my cousin Mr. Dumass Tu, may take up your


Dr. W. Takme VI



Dear Mr.Waju Takme,
Thank for your urgent respond  to me. before sending my first email to you i
went to the finance firm where the money was deposited by my late father to
inform them of my arrangement to transfer my father's money out their
custody to any of my nominated country for investment. After my discussion
with the financial controller of the finance firm, he told me that there is
no problem,it will not take me anytime whenever am ready  that  i should
write and submit to them an official application letter of nomination on 
behalf of my foreign partner to enable them discuss with him for immediate
transfer of the funds to his position.So dear i dont think that this need to
involve many parties  only your personal interest,williness  and
understanding is my concern.

Looking forward to hear from you.



Dear Sir,
Good day to you! I hope all is well with you. Please I'm writing to know if
you have receive the email i sent to you two days ago about the transaction.
Please i wait to hear from you so that we make a step forward to the next
step of that transaction. I look forward to hear from you soonest.





Dear Mr. Zamani,

Firstly, I must apologise for my slow response as my assistant (andrews) was
detained with engine trouble due to the recent flooding and had to replace
all fuel in our aircraft at a larger airport as our airfield is limited
to general services only.

Secondly, I must insist you ALWAYS use my full name which is Mr. Waju Takme
IV (4th), to avoid any confusion as I unfortunately share our family Estate
with an evil ‘Step Brother’ who has unfortunately legally been able to take our
family name and worse, the full name of my Great Great Grandfather who was a
formidable leader in the days of the earlier settlements - being the first
Governor of Port Macquarie ! He was not however able to use the lineage as I,

to attain the noble stature of declaring numerological genealogy. We also must remain vigilant, as this person is less than scrupulous, and should he discover our private business together, he could cause havoc ! We must be aware !

My manservant 'andrews', is usually quite reliable, but at times he gets confused and may inadvertently pass on my messages to the 'other' camp (if you know what I mean..) The computer age has caused him some stress of late but at 78, I should imagine he would struggle with all this technology, he also has been know to forget my genealogy and it's importance since my own inheritance battle with the Steppy ! I am sure you are a clever man Mr. Zamani, and shall keep our business most confidential.

So, I am now more at your disposal to assist with this unusual predicament you find yourself in. While this is not my regular line of business, after discussions with Mr. Hizan Idi Otu, I can assure, we have the scope and ability to help out friends in difficulty. We have many Banks in our area and in some - we have several accounts so there should be no problem to arrange to accommodate your required 'parking' of funds. We will not extend this  to cousin (Dumass Tu), as he is more aligned with Steppy.

Your commission structure, while less than we generate from a normal business deal, is acceptable under the circumstances, but we MUST watch out for any intrusion by the Step brother ! I trust you will inform me immediately should he make contact with you ! I am sure I can trust you Mr. Zamani, as I am a man of trust myself and I hope you can eventually become a business partner and good friend. We would be delighted to offer to entertain you on our Station at some point in the future once you sort out all; this awful business with your father's estate.

As for immigrating and obtaining a visa, I have asks some 'question' of some of my 'contacts' in high places. It appears, our Government can issue certain Visas for permanent status quite readily. The only downside of this special Visa is that we 'may' have to register you as a Refugee for the purpose of rapidly allowing you to gain access to this wonderful young nation. The upside is the Government will arrange accommodation for you Free !!! This can last for several years too so you will have plenty of time to get settled and plan for your future in this country. You may wish to become involved in our legal industry as I hear it is very lucrative and I know many of the people who come in through 'connections' this way, seem to be involved in all sorts of legal affairs. Some have even become celebrities !!

So, now I am tiring so I must have andrews prepare my evening medication and
hope I can sleep well. The flooding has caused some trouble with the herds
and we may have lost several hundred beasts. Most unfortunate but that is
God's way. At least all our workers are safe and well.

I look forward to hearing from you Sir and bid you goodnight.


Waju Takme IV



Dear Mr.Waju Takme IV,

Compliment of the day! Thanks and God bless you for your wiliness and
acceptance to assist me on
transferring my money to your country for investment under your control. I
must tell you the truth that your email took me a very long time to read,
but after reading your mail all my mind was full with JOY, because Almighty
God have answer my prayer by providing me a good family whom is capable to
assist me in this transaction/investment, i also believe that you are
capable to take a very good care of me, therefore, i so much appreciate your

Mr.Waju Takme, I really understood all your explanations and your promise
but the most important i
needed from you for my security wise, you should try as much as possible
like you have said to keep the utmost secrecy and confidentiality of this
transaction it will help us protect this USD  $10.500.000.00 which  is the
only thing left for my future survival. I'll like you to handle this
transaction in person with the finance firm, like i have told you at my
first email that i am a small boy of 23 years whom don't have any investment
idea and that was why i needed a capable
hand like you to handle this transaction with the firm mostly for investment
because i will not like to
mismanage the money.

Meanwhile, before sending my first email to you I went to the finance firm
where my late father deposited the funds to inform them of my arrangement
transfer my father's money out of their custody to any of my nominated
country for investment. After my discussion with them the financial
controller of the finance firm told me that I should write and submit to
them an official application letter of nomination/withdrawal, to enable them
discuss and effect the transfer to any
of my nominated partner account.

Therefore, I want you to forward me your full contact details like your full
NAME and your full ADDRESS, including you PHONE and FAX number, to enable me
write and submit the official application letter of nomination to the
finance firm on your favor. The nomination letter is only to introduce you

to the finance firm as my nominated partner whom will receive my money on my
behalf as soon as it transfer out of this country for investment. Mr.Waju
Takme, I believe
you will understand me very well.  As soon as i receive your phone and fax
number i will fax to you
all the deposit certificate documents of the money in finance firm to enable
you know your involvement.

Please, reply me very urgent along with your full  contact details to enable
us conclude all arrangements for further steps. May Almighty God bless and
give you more knowledge to understand my situations and also give us the
best Idea to handle this investment.

I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

Yours Truly,



Dear Mr Waju Takme IV,

How are you today? Hope fine. I'm writing to know if you have received the
email i sent to you yesterday after your reply to me. Mr Waju Takme IV,
please try as much as possible to respond to me so that we can make a step
forward to the transaction. I'm a bit worried hear from you today. Please
try and get back to me as soon as possible and do not forget to forward me
your full personal contact details to enable me fax all the deposit
certificate documents of the money in finance firm.

God bless you and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,

Mr.Bashiru Ahmed zamani.



Dear Bashiru,

My dear friend, you must relax a little and allow time for these transmissions to take place. As it was, my manservant (andrews) was put into a right state of panic when he received your email. As I said, the man is not so bright these days and he can easily be upset. I was up looking at a new property in Central Queensland at the time your message arrived and hence I was convinced to have my pilot fly directly back to 'Ho Station' in NSW.

We are now very successfully growing this new breed of Wagu Beef cattle at Ho Shi Tst Station. The Japanese are going absolutely crazy over this stuff and paying a fortune. I
tell you Bashiru, there is great opportunity here !  If I buy this new property in Queensland (12,400 acres) we will probably expand the Wagu Beef project as we currently cannot keep up with the demand.

Do you know much about cattle farming ?? I hope so as this this new project  may be interesting for you to be a partner if you wish. We will be using the latest feedlot

technology so the place more or less runs itself but it would be good to have a trustworth person to oversee the property. It's only 1 -1/2 hours flying time to the Gold Coast so you can easily skip over to the Coast for some horizontal refreshment if you know what I mean !! (Not too many pretty girls out that way). The farm has nice new Cherokee Airplane so it's a comfortable flight.

Anyway enough of that business till you get yourself sorted as there will be plenty of time once you get here to look around and see if what you would like to do.

As requested, the best contact point would be the Ho Station as I am there quite often. We bought this place 4 years ago from a Chinese Company who tried to start a Dog Farm !! Can you believe it !! The local Animal Rights folks almost had them crucified before the first pups were even ready to sell. Mind you I don't mind a bit of Dog once in a while as I did spend quite a few years in Asia. You would have thought they might had done a
little more market research before spending all that money on a Dog farm - here amongst all the Tree Huggers !!  As it was - we bought the property for a very attractive price and now use  the kennels as Dog Vacation Centre (Dog owners spend more on their Dogs than
they do on their own children !)

Wonderful place Asia, and I do still visit from time so please understand Bashiru, that I do move around quite a lot and as such andrews must receive these transmissions during my absences. But I assure you,  I have spoken very firmly to him and now he is VERY clear about NOT passing on any information of our 'business' to ... 'you know who'.

He is a dear old fellow and I'm sure you would get along very well indeed.

Esq. Dr. Waju Takme IV, (andrews c)
XX - Manning Street no. XX,

Tel: +61-40XXXXXXX
Fax: +61-2- 6xxxxxxxx


Dr. Waju Takme IV



Dear Mr. Waju Takme IV,

I received your mail after sending my remanding email to you this night, I
appreciate all your investment idea. Like i told you on my mail yesterday
that after reading your email i use to have more confident on you that you
are capable to my text to handle this transaction/investment.

Mr.Waju Takme IV, plz I'll like to know the time we are going to start this
transaction, because i am not doing anything here in Senegal i left my
country to this country purposely for this transaction. Another of my
question is this, can (Andrews) stops us not to go ahead to our project? or
that the way you want it. I also received your contact details, i don't know
if those contacts is your direct contacts because I'll not like to discuss
this transaction with anyother person than you.

Regarding to your question, i have already told you the truth that i don't
have any idea of investment and that reason while i contacted at first time
because i need a capable hand whom will lead and take a very good care of me
as son, not whom will mislead me because i am still a young boy by age off
which i need to finish up my studies as soon as all the investment has done.
Sir, please i look forward to hear from you. Thanks once again for all your

Yours Truly,

Bashiru Ahmed.


Dear Bashuri,

I must say my young friend I am a little confused !!

I have sent you the detail requested so would think you have the necessary information to talk to your bankers no ?

As for that Scallywag, Andrews, fear not !! If he even looks sideways to anyone passing by while even thinking about this business, he will be punished severely. I had threatened to put him back on 'Toad & Seagull' duty !! In case you are not familiar, we have a serious problem in Australia with Cane Toads and Seagulls. We are fortunate that it is only affects our Small Private Airports especially at 'HO Station' as we are near the coast. Have
you ever seen a Seagull after it passes through an airplane propeller ?? Not a pleasant site I can assure you. The animal Rights people are up in arms again !

As for the Cane Toads, they can disrupt the landing of our aircraft. A fully pregnant Cane Toad can weight almost 3 kilograms ! Hitting one of these with your landing gear at 120 km/h is very dangerous and we lose many planes in Australia due to Canus Todus Rompus Planus ! Have you even seen a Cessna 172 Cartwheel down a runway ?? Most frightening dear chap.

So if Andrews messes with us, he will be out every day, all day collecting and destroying the Toads from the Airfields as well as chasing of the pesky Sea gulls. Not a pleasant job my friend, and one that would send him to an early grave.

So, all that being secure, feel free to get your transaction moving my man. All the opportunities are waiting for you. I was also thinking we may be able to sell the skins from the Cane Toads to the Japanese !! They love the leather for their little Handbags and Little Shoes. I have already taken a patent out on these products (8 years ago) but haven't found a suitable young smart business person to pursue this business. Perhaps you can consider this no ?

So I must off now, as the cattle will be displayed today for a group of Japanese investors. The men have to wash and polish the cattle for this display so it will be a busy morning.

God Bless and Good Day Bashuri.

Dr Waju Takme IV.





Dear Dr Waju Takme IV,


Thanks for your good response to me, anyway i must tell you that i am really comfortable with you over this my transaction and i strongly believe that this transaction is going to bring us as one family soon. Today after reading your email i wrote and submit the application letter of nomination to the finance company on your behalf to enable them start all their arrangements of transferring my father's deposit to your position.


Please, i decided to send the (3)deposit certificate documents to you by email, therefore you should check your ATTACHMENT. Actually, my late father deposited the money (US$10.5m) inside a safe-box under the treasure department of the finance company due to his maturity and position in our government he then took a wise steps during his deposit of the money with the finance company by not exposing the real contents of the safe-box to the finance company. He declare to them that the safe-box contain family treasure for safe keeping.

Like i told you on above that i went to the finance company, after signing the nomination letter with company on your behalf as my co-beneficiary/recipient of my consignment as soon as it transfer out of this country. After my discussion with the director of company he told me that they didn't have any correspondents office in your country, they also made me to understand that they have their affiliated correspondent office in MALAYSIA,BELGIUM,HOLLAND SOUTH-AFRICA. The director said you should choose the nearest place to you where they can transfer the consignment to so that you will go with those deposit documents and claim the consignment from their correspondent office. They said that every arrangement to transfer this consignment will start as soon as you chose your nearest place among all their affiliated offices.


Mr. Waju Takme IV, please try to understand me after reading this email and I'll like you to make a chose as the company have said so that they will transfer this consignment out, I was advise from a local lawyer in Senegal that i should not expose the really content of the safe-box to the finance company once my late father didn't made the company to know the really content of the consignment. Even the lawyer promise that he will issue us an authorizations power of attorney as soon as you are ready to live your country to any of your choice country to claim the consignment on my behalf. You may wish to contact the finance company through their contact information above the deposit documents, please you remember not to disclose the content of the safe-box to them for security reasons.
I'll be looking forward to hear from you regarding your nearest choosing country among the above stated correspondent offices where you can able to go and claim my consignment on my behalf. Please, reply me very urgent to enable me conclude all the arrangements with the finance company.


You may like to call me on phone 002215394652


Await to hear from you soonest.


Yours Truly,

Bashiru Ahmed.




Dear Mr Waju.Takme iv,

How are you today? Hope fine. I'm writing to know if you have received the
email i sent to you on friday including the tree deposit certificate
documents ?  Sir, please try as much as possible to respond to me so that we
can make a step forward to the smooth transfer of my consignment.

I'm a bit worried to hear from you since two days ago, Please try and get
back to me  as soon as possible to confirm your receipt of those certificate
documents. Have a nice weekend with your family and God bless you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,

Bashiru Ahmed.



Dear Mr Waju Takme iv,
Goodday.Hope all is  well with you.I have been waiting to confirm wealther
you got my mail send on friday last week including with three attached
deposited documents as i promised to.Please i'm very much worried to
concerning this,kindly email me sothat we can know next step tofellow for
this transaction to your position as i regards.
Your's Truly,

Bashiru Ahmed.




Dear Waju Takme iv,
Goodday.i wonder why is that upto date you can't even mail me and know my
condition .secondly concerning the deposited documents i send to you no
coments from you upto date,been somebody i confide my feelings to.please
tell me a word am very much worried.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Your's Truly



My Dear Bashiru,

I do apologize for my slow response but we were away this last week on a fishing expedition. We have been in search of the elusive 'Skruyu Fish'.

This a very rare large fish, and also a very lazy fish and as such is hard to catch. Can you believe this fish is too lazy to take the bait unless you place it right under his mouth !! Anyway we did catch one. I caught it myself. Some people may try to say it was Andrews who caught it but I assure you Bashiri, the man was playing tricks and swapped my fishing rod for his while I was attending to the attendant on our pleasure craft. I can't wait to
take you fishing Bashuri when you get down here.

So - onto this business matter. Now I understand you need a bank account so you can deposit this money. Now while I don't have accounts in Malaysia, Belgium, South Africa or Holland, I do have accounts in Portugal, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and Aruba (I also have a small on in Vanuatu but prefer to keep that one Hush Hush!). Of course I almost own the bank here in Australia and that would be the obvious choice.

I would imagine your Banks could send the funds anywhere no ?? Mine certainly
can. Just last year the bloody idiots in Hong Kong Bank sent a large sum of my private money to some chap in China by mistake !! Can you imagine the trouble we had getting the money back. The poor chap who received the money raced out bought himself a bloody Ferrari (Enzo I Believe) !!! You can imagine the trouble he had going from a bicycle to a Ferrari in one jump !

Got to admire the Chinese.. 'Peddle Power' to 'Rocket Power' in one day ! The newspapers got hold of it and that did him a good turn for a while. He apparently had 43 women in less than a month. All potential new wives of course.

Anyway the idiots in the HK Bank had to buy the car and it's now on the 'Market' with the General Manager using it for 'Advertising Purposes'. They park it in the bloody Foyer of the Main Branch in Central.  I think the poor chap in China was left with nothing but genital warts and his bicycle. Bloody sharks the lot of them if you ask me - So I would prefer we don't use the Hong Kong Bank. Portugal is good choice and still Summer so we could do a trip over while the Sardines are still running. Is Portugal OK ??


I have a very trusted agent there, an Mr. Y. Hunt. English chap of Polish origin.
Yurik is an old friend and our wives get along famously. His wife Smelik is a lovely lady, along with their children, Lazik, Sillik and their daughter Shavenk.

Australia is still a good option for you Bashiru, and the Banks can manage this type of transaction. We may however be subject to 'Anti -Terrorism' checks as all larger sums of money must be checked. I trust your late Father was not involved in any 'suspect' activities Bashiru ?? It would be embarrassing for me if it were found that I was helping the son of a War Lord or something !!

Anyway dear friend , Andrews has my breakfast prepared so I must oblige as he has been out since first light scooping Whiting out of the bay. Nothing like fresh Whiting fillets lightly crumbed 'eh !

All the best Bashuri and I do hope you can get this moving soon.

Dr. Waju Takme IV