TITLE: Password, please!
Scammer Name: Ms. Sarah Mohammed & Son
Scammer Location: The Ivory Coast (supposedly)
Submitted by: Janus Jawplin

This bait is pretty short and sweet and I'm quite pleased with the results. Sarah Mohamed contacts me with details of how to get a trunk full of riches after I sent her an initial email stating I'd help her:

From: Sarah Mohammed
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 16:38:42

Dear Mr. Janus,

Thanks for your mail and your effort to assist me in this transaction,well I received your mail this morning and I tought over it before responding to you because what we need in this transaction is trust and nothing more as you know this is my only hope in life However, Due to the information got from the security company .So after reading your mail my son and I decide to cargo the box to you by special diplomatic courier service , it will be safe and a nice idea to cargo the consignment to you via a special diplomatic courier service to your country.

This means that the box cannot be open as the security company ,explained to me this morning, they will deliver the consignment to your address in your country without being opened or inspected at any transit point until it gets to your address in your country.

This idea is very good and secure, furthermore it will enable us avoid going through the ban king process and the risk of being suspected for money laundering activities as a result of the huge amount of money involved.

Now, I want you to contact the security company and tell them that you are my partner or family friend overseas, and that you want the consignment box, to be delivered to you through the special diplomatic courier service.

The consignment was registered with my husband's name: Dr Mohamed Koroma, our Nationality is: Sierra-Leone, Description is : Family valuables.


Please make sure that you do not tell them that the consignment(box) contains money, because like I earlier told you, he disguised it to contain family valuables for the safety of the money and for fear of losing the money to the government of Ivory Coast , if they discover that the consignment contains money. So you must be tactical in your contact with the security company.

Here is their contact: Universal Trust & Security Company, Abidjan.

Name of the director is:

Dr.Mustapha Idris



Email: univtrust_400cotedivoire@email.com

you can contact them by phone or by their mail. Ask them to furnish you with their requirements and the cost for the delivery of the consignment to your country. On my side my son and I will be preparing to travel down in the same flight that will carry the box to your country.again i need your phone Looking forward to hear from you.


From: Janus Jawplin
To: Ms. Sarah Mohammed
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 07:21:59


I did receive your heartfelt email and I thought about it all weekend. I'm sorry I didn't respond right away. I needed some time to think about it and think about how to proceed. I did contact the security company like you requested and they emailed me back. I couldn't figure out how to attach what they wrote to this email, but if you go to this link you can see what they told me. It sounds confusing. Maybe you can clarify.


-- Janus

[The link that I sent Sarah (which I removed from the above copy of the email) went to a fake Yahoo Mail login screen I created. Sarah used Yahoo mail to corespond with her victims. Since Yahoo periodically makes people confirm their passwords, Sarah thought nothing of typing hers in when the fake login screen loaded. The password she typed in was emailed to my cell phone. When I got the email, I logged in as her and changed the password. Bump, set, and spike! I looked through her Inbox and Sent Items and saw that she sent the "URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL" email to quite a few people. She also had quite a few people in her trap and they seemed to believe her from what I read. I know Sarah will just register a new email account, but I have caused her some inconvenience and disrupted a few "cases" she was working on. Every little bit makes a difference. The technique I used to get her email password from her using a fake log in screen is called "phishing" and it it a technique usually used by people trying to get credit card info from victims. Be careful when a link in an email points to a site requesting your information. Make sure the URL is legit, unlike the one I used. Hahaha!!!!]


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