GET YOUR 419EATER.COM KEYRINGS HERE! keyrings are now available. Women will fall at your feet. Men will want to be you. Scammers will want to shun you! Just what more could you ask for?!



Presently there is a limited supply of these keyrings available, but if they prove to be popular we will order in another large batch. We will also be shortly offering other 419eater merchandise, including car stickers, t-shirts and other items.

Price per keyring is UK £1.50 with world-wide Shipping and Handling being UK £1.00.

S&H is £1.00 regardless of how many keyrings you order. For instance if you order 5 keyrings the total will be UK £8.50 (5 x £1.50 + £1.00 S&H).

Payment conditions:

I can ONLY accept payment via Paypal. Paypal is free to use to send money.

When making a payment, please include your full mailing address. All orders will be confirmed ASAP *


If you would like to purchase a keyring/s please click the Paypal button below.


*Key not included!