Our story begins in November of 2005.

I received your typical 419 scam letter about some over-invoiced contract, blah, blah, blah. I immediately respond as the Reverend Kuhm Belcher, an aid worker out on the Chad/Sudan border. Reverend Belcher sees that this deal sounds a bit unethical but also realizes that the millions that has been promised to him could be put to very good use out in this desparate region.

Within a month or two, Reverend Belcher receives a huge cash donation from a U.S. company. While the donation is very generous, it is a real problem for Reverend Belcher. Having a giant bag of cash poses a very serious threat to his safety and those around him. People in this region are routinely killed for something as small as a bottle of water. He needs to get this money to a bank quickly.

Fortunately, Reverend Belcher has been put in contact with a Barrister Koffi Kuku. Barrister Kuku was aiding Reverend Belcher in acquiring the proper documents needed to finalize the over-invoiced contract. As long as the Barrister was so knowledgable in international business, perhaps he could also help the Reverend get the cash into a bank somewhere.

Barrister Kuku reluctantly agreed to help. After months of begging Reverend Belcher to wire him money for his legal fees, he finally got it through his thick skull that there are no banks anywhere near Reverend Belcher to do that. He realized that the only way that he was going to get the money that Reverend Belcher had in his possesion, was to go and get it himself.

And so we begin...

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