PHONE: +27-732405804



You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know me personally, the purpose of my introduction is that, I am STEVEN RAPHAEL, the
first son of MICHEAL RAPHAEL, who was recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe. I got your contact from South African Information Exchange Johannesburg in my search for reliable individual or company to assist me on transfer business

Before the death of my father, he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US $25Million(twenty five million United States Dollars), in one the private security company, as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe.This money was deposited in a box as germ stones to avoid much demurrage from Security Company.This amount was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for the farms and established of new farm in Swaziland.

This land problem came when Zimbabwean President Mr. Robert Mugabe introduce a new Land Act reform which wholly affected the rich white farmers and some few
blacks farmers.And this resulted to the killing and mob action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some lunatics in the society. In fact, a lot of people were killed because of this land reformed Act for which my father was one of the victim. It is against this background that, I and my family who are currently staying in South Africa decided to
transfer my father’s money to foreign account since the law of South Africa prohibit a refugee (asylum seeker) to open any bank account or to be involved in any financial transaction throughout the teritorial zone of South Africa. As the eldest son of my father, I
am saddle with the responsibility of seeking a genuine foreign account where this money could be transferred without the knowledge of my government who are bent on taking everything we have got. The South African government seems to be playing along
with them. I am faced with the dilemma of investing this amount of money in South Africa for fear of going through the same experience in future since both countries have similar political history. Moreover, the South African Foreign Exchange policy
does not allow such investment for an asylum seeker.

As a reliable person, who I have to entrust my future and of my family in his hands, I must let you know that this transaction is risk free. If you accept to assist me and my family all I want you to do for me is to make arrangements and come to Johannesburg – South Africa, so that you can open a non-resident account which will aid us in
transferring the money into any account you will nominate overseas. This money I intend to use for investment.

I have two options for you, firstly you can choose to have certain percentage of the money for nominating your account for this transaction.Or you can go into partnership with me for the proper profitable investment of the money in your country. Whichever the options you want, feel free to notify me I have also mapped out 5% of this money for all
kinds of expenses incurred in the process of this transaction. If you do not prefer a partnership I am willing to give you 20% of the money while the remaining 75% will be for my family's investment in your country.

Contact me with the above E-mail or Telephone number while I implore you to maintain the absolute secrecy required in this transaction.

Yours Faithfully,

(For the Family)


Dear Steven

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your proposed plan. Unfortunately I have already agreed to help another poor individual who has also suffered at the hands of Robert Mugabe's land reforms.

I'm afraid I do not have unlimited funds and although your offer is very kind I must await receipt of the other funds before I can consider any further negotiations.

Yours sincerely and in the name of Jesus
Sister Ima

Attn:imogen daftner
From steven raphael

Thanks for your interested respond. Now i have understood your written as you informed me that you have another person whom you have been working with regarding this offer we sent to you asking for your kind assistance to see my family through from this our critical situation.

Furthermore, it is true that you have been working with the people who have the same semilar problem like my family, but my Sister one thing i will like you to understand in this respect is that we don't know you before, if not because after the fasting i made with my mother, asking God to show us who will be of assistance in this our condition, that is how we were directed to go through internet and sarch for it , that we are going to get people' email address, so amoung the emails, we should select about tow and pray for about three days, after then he will review to us the particular one to use. So my sister, this is how yours was chosen, of which i know that God cannot tell lair.

So with this reason, i believe that before such will occur to chose you, there is every tendency that God who directed us to you, will never disappoint us to still been in this very condition, as he says that heaven and earth will pass away, but none of his words will go avial. Now with this my explanations and reasons, if you later disappoint us, then i will know that God want us to died in this situation, of which i know he will not.

Finally, kindly while getting back to us, endeavour to furinsh us with your private phone and fax number for easily communication and also to maintain the srictly confidentiality of this transaction. Incase if you want to reach us and ask any question you may deems necessary to know, plz use +27-73240-5804. Immediately i recieve your urgent response indicating your williness, i will than detail you on how this transaction will be carried on and the area my family will need your assistance mostly for the release of this consignment immeditealy to you on our behalf as we are still with all the proofing document.

How is family together with your business?, hope fine.

Awaiting for your urgent response as soon as you recieve this mail for more information.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.
May God bless you in all your life encounters, Amen.


To Steven Raphael
From Ima Daft

Dear steven

i have already told you that i am in the process of finalizing a deal with a fellow in a similar situation to you. should you wish to pursue this matter with me i suggest you forward me details of your plan. i have a text phone as my hearing is not too good so should you have access to a text phone then you can contact me on +44 07995221566 which is how the unhearing communicate. i have limited money ($65,000) and this will not unfortunately be of help to two poor families.

i hope you will find a suitable partner soon.

laterz with jesus in our hearts

Attn:Imogen Daftner
From Steven Raphael.

Thanks for you’re interested respond immediately, it’s really show me that God is not lairing to me after our fasting and prayer.

Now I have had all you what said concerning that you are about to finalize the similar business like ours. But my Dear to be frank now, as God have directed us to you for an assistance and the only expenses that this transaction will cost is just about the sum of (U$6.000.00) for the release of this consignment, on our behalf immediately you arrive in South Africa.

My family will then present you to the Security Company for the release of the Consignment on our behalf, proving that we have empowered the full right as our foreign beneficiary. The reason is that the law in South Africa prohibited as we are still under the umbrella of Asylum Status, we are not allowed to transact in any business, until we could secure foreign partner, which according to God happens to be you.

More so, to prove my family that we really want to be of assistance to see the successful end of your previous transaction as I envisaged that according to your writing, that this might need more fund to be finalized, so yesterday after your email was received, I phoned my financial adviser to call a meeting with the Security Company where this consignment box is been deposited. Then when the meeting was going on, I stood up and inform them that we have finally secured foreign partner, so in this respect, my purpose of calling this meeting, is to just to inform you that we are about to retrieve our consignment. And their respond was that a notice of (48hrs) has be giving to them before collection.

Furthermore, according to what they told me when we were on the meeting, just by the time I inform them that my partner has a similar person whom she has been assisting. Base on this matter and how urgency it is due to the fact that we are about to bit up paying the next month storage charges, then a promise was made that if I could waylaid to them that we will maintain our word for the actually date of the collection agreed, the consignment will be released for us immediately your arrived.

Finally, I understood all what you told us, but we are still pleading for you just to travel down here immediately for the collection, so as to assist you as we agreed.

May God bless you in all your life encounters, Amen.

Waiting for your urgent response as soon as you receive this email.



To Steven Raphael
From Ima Daft

dear steven

i thought i'd made myself clear when i explained to you that i could not help you until my other business was finished. the other sad party who lost his land to mugabe only wants $2,000 from me but yet you inform me that it will cost me $6,000. This makes no sense. I feel you are perhaps taking advantage of my good nature. I will only consider business proposals at the beginning of certainly no more that $3,000. Given then that things may be successfull i will then consider with hindsight whether investing more money would have been a good idea and that i was rather foolish to miss the opportunities presented to me by your goodself.

regards and may god bless
sister ima
church of the ELO

Attn:Imogen Dafttner.
From Steven Raphael

Well in any situation, we must always give thanks to our Amightly God, who made it possible for us to see the next day. Also i believe that he will never disappoint whoever that will seek for his assistnce and protection in all our ways.

Now, it seems to me that yu did not fully understood my writing partaining telling you that this is the only amount that we are still owning the security company for the release of this consignment to us, to assist you to finalised the on going business you have at hand as we know that you might have need enough fund to actualise it.

Furthermore, incase if you did not understand me well, kindly bear it in mind that i am not telling you to bring this above mentioned sum alone, becuase i also presented this matter to our financail adviser to assist for the completion, of which according to the out come of my meeting with him together with the security company yesterady, when we are telling the security company that we have finally secure foriegn partner who will assist for the release of it, it was then he promise to bring the sum of (U$3.800.00), so the remaining is our problem now.

Finally, this is the reason why i sent you sms yesterday after the meeting inother to inform you how far we have gone. kindly advice me, becuase according the idea my financial Adviser bring after the meeting when he speak with one of his close pal, who is a bank manager in (ABASA BANK), asking him how possible it will be to transfer this fund directly into your account immediately this consignment is release from the security house, without you been present here in south Africa.

He said that it will be possible by the means of internet banking with one of their eurpeain overseas bank, if we are sure that you will not disappoint my family as soon as this fund is comfairm in your account for the withdrawer. So my dear, kindly assist us for the completion of the remaining balance inother to instruct my family adviser to speak with that his bank pal to detail you how this transfer could be made immediately as he promise that it will on take 3 woking days to entere your account.

How is life together with your family as well as business?, hope fine.

Awaiting for your urgent response immediately becuase time is no longer in our side.


To Steven Raphael
From Ima Daft

dear steven

give thanks to the lord indeed. i'm happy that you have now seen that i can't invest $3,800 when my maximum funds available for this type of investment are only $3,000. i have not yet finalized business with my contact ivanov.

when he has sent the money he promised to me then i can let you have the assistance you require.

it has also been mentioned to me that perhaps you are not who you say you are and that you should provide me with some proof of identity. there are a lot of business deals that without careful consideration on the part of the investor are not what they appear to be. i am wary of entering into an arrangement without being in full details of all the very interesting facts.

i will pray to the lord to guide me in this dilemma and whatever he decides i will then agree to abide with him. he is the protector of the poor unable to make their decisions alone.

how do you wish to proceed, as i'm not in the position to dispense with the necessary funds for your immediate use you may perhaps want to dispense with the assistance i've offered and seek alternative help. i can't operate on the fastness you wish due to awaiting for previous business deal to close.

i am although very happy that the lord has pointed you in my direction and hope that your patience and my preserverance can serve a high purpose for the disclosing of the deal.

god bless you and your family in the name of all that is holy and just and true.

sister ima

AttN: Ima.
From Steven

Thanks for your positive and quick respond to my mail.

I am very happy to hear that you seek God's face first in any thing you are doing before taking descion. the only thing I have to say is that God seith the heart of every body, and he knows who is who.

Attached below is my refugee permit as you demanded for my identity, And pray that God will see us through in this business, becuse my fianancal adviser will be bringing ($3,800.00) by tomorrow, please let me know when yours will be ready for us to finalized this project. As soon as we recieve your own money, we will take the money out of the security Company and My fianacial adviser will transfer the fund to your overseas account with the help of his good friend who is a bank director.

Awaiting to recieve good result from you

Thanks and God bless

Steve Raphael


To Steven
From Ima Daft

dear steven

thank you for the official looking documents you have sent to me for my perusal. this is very kind of you. i still am not sure that you are who you say you are. i have been advised to proceed very carefully. my current business partner ivanov has sent me his photo holding a very personal message to me. i think i would like you to do likewise and then i can be sure that god is true to me and not offering me to the lions.

if you could possibly send me a photo with you holding a card that says my name Ima Daft clearly on it then I will then know that you are an honest person.

i have instructed my bank to release my funds but they don't know where to do that. how much money are you after again. i can only afford (at present) $3000 but it would be better for you and me if the amount you need was less than that say $2000. i have access to around about $65000 dollars but not for a couple of fortnights. do you want my bank details? i need to know whether you want dollars or rands?

as i stated previously i am awaiting monies from my current partner ivanov. he is putting the money in my account very soon.

what do you want from me, what do i get from you. i am assured by god that helping you is the right thing to do but please rest assured that i am assured by the assurances you will assure to me when you send me your assurance by secret photo with my name.

i am glad that we are proceeding and i will ask for the funds to be put into an emergency clearance topographic fund for immediate dispatch by courier to you on receipt of you promised assurances.

blessed be the patient ones
ima (sister)
Church of the ELO

Attn: Ima.
From Steve

Thanks for your mail.

I will send the picture to you by tomorrow as you requested, Please yours will be highly needed also as soon I send mine tomorrow.

After all this, the procedure on how the money will be transferred into your account will be given to you by my financial adviser and the bank director who is helping us in this transfer.

Thanks and God bless

Stev Raphael,
(for the family).

To Steve
From Ima

Dear Steven

Since you have not responded I fear that you have decided to seek assistance elsewhere. I wish you well in your quest for happiness.

Good luck to you, my son.
God bless
Sister Ima

Attn:Sister Ima
From Steven,

My dear, kindly bear with me, becuase it was not my wise for not have gotten back as i promise. The reason is that one of the refugee family died yesterday, and today is the buarial cermony.

Plz, definetly on monday i will send the picture to you as you requested unfaily.

How is life together with business?, hope fine and may God always lead you in all your endeavour Amen.

Thanks and have a nice week end, till then.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
(for the family).

p.s. I will send sms to your phone today to remind you to check your mail

To Steven
From Ima

dear steven

i'm sorry to hear of your loss, but please my son, understand this. i have other opportunities to pursue i cannot wait forever. until monday.

yours in any crisis

Attn: Ima
From Steven.

Thanks for your mail and your willingness regarding to this transaction.

Attached below is my picture as you requested, kindlly send me yours with this code HAPPY BIRTH DAY when geting back to me.

I will ask my banker to give you the information on how to pay the money as soon as I recieve your prompt response, in other to start the arrengement on how to make the transfer to your nominated overseas account ASAP.

Awaiting your urgent respond

Thanks and remain bless in Jesus name

Steven Raphael,
for the family


dear steven

what a lovely photo, i like your shoes. unfortunately in this church we are not much with photo taking anyhow i send you a copy of my passport in good faith. then we can get on with the job in hand.

yours in jesus


Attn: Ima
From Steve.

Thanks for your willingness in this transaction. Now it really shows me that God is still working and can never disappoint whoever that is always hope on him.

Furthermore, coming to the issue of sending that money you promise to complete the one we have at hand for the completion of offsetting the outstanding storage charges in the Security Company for the release of this consignment, we have discuss this matter with our financial adviser as all the transaction have been handed over to him. so kindly contact him to enable him give you the information on how to send the money.

Here is his information.
Name William Madiba
Tel: 27 83 993 2118
E-mail: williamXXXXXXX@yahoo.com

Kindly send the money to him, so that he will complete it with the one he is having at hand to balance up the charges at the security company for the release of the consignment, before the transfer could be made direct to your account.

Awaitng your posative respond

Thanks and Remain Bless In Jesus Name

Stev Raphael

To Steve
From Ima

dear steven

how nice to hear from you again and how are you my son. i have received your message and will contact your financial advisor on my return from a charitable trip. i am leaving the country on friday for a month and will be out of contact but i promise on my return i will speedily forward all monies to your advisor.

i hope life is well for you in the refugee camp and that you are not too uncomfortable. do they keep you behind bars? its just that in your picture you look like you are in prison (what are those bars). i hope you are not in prison steven - that would upset me very much. perhaps you need my church's assistance to gain freedom?

anyway i'm off to bulgaria on friday evening and i wil be out of email contact unless i can find a computer to use but i will return (safely i hope) to engage in this wonderful business proposal.

your kind and everloving sister

p.s. bless you, my son, last night i was at a party to celebrate the arrival of the orphaned twins from glasgow and i managed to get my photo. i hope you don't think too badly of enjoying ourselves once in a while. my friend emailed the picture to me today and now i am happy to say i can send it to you.

again in christ's name with a bit of wine
sister ima

Attn: Ima
From; Steve


To be frank, i don't know eaxctly how to show my appreciation towards your concern
to be of assistance to redeem my family out from this critical situation, of which if i were
to say i will deems it that it might be just the way God want to fashion it.

Now, like as you have mantioned, that i should relive your mind from be in suspense, based on my picture sent to you as reqards to the bar you saw behind my photo, whether i am in prison. Momy, God is still in control we are fine, only that we are in dilliama on how to offset the outstanding storage chargse in the Security Company, of which according to your email send to us, your promise to contact our financial adviser for the settlement as soon as possible.

So endaevoure to reach him inother not to accumulate another charges for next coming month, becuase now that we have informed the Security Company that we shall come for the collection, they will only give us just about two weeks grace starting the very first date we notified them of our collection, of which if we fail to comply on that date, the dumurrage charges will starting accumulating again.

Finally i will always wish you good luck in all your life endavoures, and also hoping to meet you with my family very soon immediately this incoming fund hit your account, so that we can sit down and plan how and where to invset for the future profit for the two families.

Thanks and good luck for your trip, Amen.

Awaiting for your urgent respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
(for the family).

To Steve
From Ima

My dear son

This is your first email to me. I would like to know how you are going to get this box of germ stones out of the security company. How much are the charges for demurrage?

Before the death of my father, he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US $25Million(twenty five million United States Dollars), in one the private security company, as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe.This money was deposited in a box as germ stones to avoid much demurrage from Security Company.This amount was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for the farms and established of new farm in Swaziland.

If not need assistance, I know a church in capetown where the father there would be prepared to help you. He has a landrover and could drive to Johannesburg and help you collect your box.

As I explained in my previous email I am waiting for some money from another individual that I have helped and with this money I could easily pay another month's demurrage charges for you, because now, i fear, we will not succeed before I take my travel to the orphans of bulgaria.

I will contact your financial advisor on my return and by that time i'm sure i will have received the money from ivanov. I have already paid him $4,000 to free his funds and he has promised that my share of his money will be paid to me soon.

dear son, i would not want to see you suffer and i pray for you every day. i confirm that you have not provided me with your financial advisor's details so how can i contact him. i need to know his contact details and the contact details from his friend at the ABASA bank.

hurry my son and i will contact him today before embarking on my trip tomorrow.

your loving mother

Attn: Ima
From Steve


I am about to go back to the refugee camp, but something touches me once more to check my email before getting back, so fortunately i recieve your mail.

Now momy, the reason why i don't want to intiate any boby from this South Africa for an assistance based onthis project,is just simply the warning my late father drop to me before he finally give up. Plz kindly contact my Financial adivser been the only person he instructed us to listing for any advice regarding this project.

Momy, i think you told me that you are with some cash at hand before?. kindly email my financial adivser with below info:

Name William Madiba
Tel: 27 83 993 2118
E-mail: williamXXXXXX@yahoo.com

Thanks and have a nice day, till then.
I wish you good luck in this your trip, Amen.

Awaiting for your urgent response.

Mr Steven Raphael,
(for the family).


To Madiba
From Ima Daft

Dear Mr Madiba

I have been requested by Mr Stephen Raphael to contact you with regard to assisting in the secure
removal of some germ stones (i don't know what germ stones are either - but you can assume they are very valuable).

Please can you send me the details that I would require for this transaction on the understanding
and assurance that you are a genuine man.

If I am at all suspicious of you and think that you are trying to cheat poor Mr Raphael out of his money
I will be very cross indeed and will wish your soul to spend in hell and damnation. Let you be warned.

I will be out of the country from tomorrow so if you wish to proceed urgently i would add god's speed and
no haste on your part.

Yours in anticipation
Sister Ima Daft

To Steve
From Ima

dear son

i hope this finds you well. you sound terribly paranoid to me. i know father ted crilley in capetown to be a very honourable and honest man and to think he might cheat you out of your germ stones is unimaginable. anyway i'm finding your paranoia a bit catching. how do i know this mr william madiba. he may be trying to cheat you. but as you can see in my email to him (which you were copied) i have given him a good stern warning.

i also get the idea that you are becoming a tad impatient with me and it appears that you may not be after my friendship after all but just access to my money. i will have to pray long and hard for guidance on how to proceed.

anyway i've done as you have asked and may the lord be with you until i hear from mr madiba.

your loving mother

To; Sister Ima
From Mabida

Thanks very much for your mail, and kind of advice, to
make sure that Raphael was not cheated in this money.
I am glad to inform you that this transaction will
take less time than expected if you continue to speed
your communication with my office.

Well, I will start by letting you know that, God who
sees the heart of every man, knows who is good or bad.
And my bible let me to know that, it by their fruit we
shall know them, Infact I don’t have to prolong my
speech, because all you have know is that I am good
family friend with Raphael father before he died and I
have been taking good care of the family since they
arrive in south Africa.

If you can ask Raphael, he will confirm that for you,
even I have paying some of the monthly storage charges
at the security company where their consignment was

Coming to your question, on how you will assist for
the removal of the consignment in the security
company, what we needed from you the remaining
($3,000.00) Three Thousand United State Of American
Dollars which I will add to the one I am having at
hand to complete the out standing balance of the
storage charges in the security company for the
release of the consignment before we can start the
onward transfer to your nominated overseas account.

I will send you the account where you will pay in the
$3,000.00) as soon as I receive respond to this my
mail, and we proceed immediately for the transfer to
the account which you have to provide.

Awaiting your speed communication.

Thanks and God be with you always

William madiba


To Mabida
From Ima Daft

dear mr madiba

in god we trust (or at least i do). i've been
praying hard about this situation and on receiving
your email i am even more confused. you state that
you don't have to prolong your speech and that i am
just to believe you. well, mr madiba i can't just
believe that you would be such a good friend to
steven and leave him behind bars in a refugee camp
when you are languishing in sun city. this does not
appear to me to be the christian thing to do.

strictly confidential between us i am concerned
about steven's health he sounds a bit mentally ill
and suffering from acute paranoia. he tries to
assure me that all is well but i can see from his
photo that he is actually in prison and looks very
depressed. you as a friend of the family can
confirm that he has suffered from any mental

the fact that he won't trust anyone but you is
essentially very disturbing and then he meets me
through praying. i feel those are the actions of a
distinctly paranoid and neurotic schitzo.

I am eager to help this poor soul. tell me what you
want me to do. how do you want your money. i may
not have time to get to the bank today.
as explained i will soon be away and we may have to
wait until i return.

please advise urgently
yours in a crisis always
sister ima


From: William Madiba.
To: Sister Ima.

Thanks for your speed communication.

Here is the account where you can pay in the money.


please, kndly send me the payment slip as soon as you
pay in the money for confirmation.

Awaiting your posative respond

Thanks and remain bless in jesus name (Amen)

William Madiba

From Steve

Momy, i will not forget to ask you about your trip to bulgaria, becuase my mind is not at rest, until i hear from you that the jorney was successful, of which i hope that with God grace, it must be fine.

Now plz have you been contacted by my Financial adviser as he promise?, kindly let me know as soon as you recieve this mail.

I will always be wishing you long life and prosepty in all your life encounters, and as well as throughout your stay in bulgaria.

Thnaks and remain bless all the days of your life, till i hear from you.

Awaiting for your quick respond.
Mr. Steven Raphael,
(for the faamily).

To Mabida
From Ima Daft

ok mr madiba

and just who is LUMKA MANGENGA - this is not a name
i have dealt with before. this appears mightly

i will pay you $3000 on my return. as you have not
addressed my points i can only assume that you are
not interested in the welfare of steven but just to
get my money. well you will have to wait until i
come back from bulgaria on the 1st september.

sister ima

From William Madiba.
To: Sister Ima.

Thanks for your mail.

Coming to your point, did steven Raphael told you
that I am not taking good care of them, I dont need to
prove to you what I have been doing to the family
since they arrive in South Africa, because I am not
doing it to impress any person, I am only doing it for
God sake. like I told you before, that God sees the
heart of every person and He knows who is who.

The name LUMKA MANGENGA, She is my Secatary and I only
ask her to use her account to recieve this money.If
you really want to help steven in this business,
please kindly send the money in time,because the more
you delay, is the more the charges is increasing in
the security company, so waiting till 1st september as
you said will have to inculde the charges of August
and september.

I am wishing you safe flight as you travel to

Thanks and God bless

William Madiba.

To Ima
From Steve

Dear momy.

How is life overthere?, hope fine.

Plz what is happening for your long silence ever since i have supplied all the information you requested?, kindly let me understand becuase my mother is about to develop H.B.P.

Thanks and remain bless, till then
Awaiting for your urgent respond immediately.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
(for the family).


To Ima
From Steve

Dear Momy,

What is happening?,

It still surprise me for ur long silence, ever since i details u eaxctly how this transaction could be carried on, hope to recieve ur respond, but to my dismay uptil this moment, i have not yet recieve any answer from you, why?.

Kindly get back, so that i will know that you are still ok in burgaria, becuase my mother is distburbs for your health there.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
(for the family).


To Ima
From Steve

Dear Momy.

My reason of writing you, and minding that you inform me that your trip will last for long, is just to keep us refrshed that we are still waiting until you are back. So plz as soon as you return mail me.

I will be always wishing you long life and saftey arrival, Amen.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.

Your Son.


To Steve
From Ima

my dearest son

it will not be long now before i will be back from my travels. i have lots of news for you.

your momy

To Ima
From Steve

Dear, MOMY.

May the Amighty God Bless you in all your life encounters, Amen.

Momy. to be frank, i really miss you a lot and we will be praying and always asking Elohim to keep on protecting and as well continue to shewering his blessing and mercy in all your good charity work for ever and ever.

Finally, like as you said, we will be waiting to hear good news that you return back in london in a very good health, but please do mail us immediately.

Thanks and remain bless,

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

OH GIVE OVER...................

To Ima
From Steve

Dearest Momy,

We are still in suspense for your long silence to respond to us, are you ok?, kindly mail us as soon as you recieve this email, at list for me to know that you are alright where you are.

I will be wishing you long life, good healt, prosperity, in all your life encounters, Amen.

Thanks and remain bless, till then. My mother ask me to say Hi to you.

Awaiting for your quicker respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

AT LAST...............

To Steve
From Ima Daft

dearest steven my son

i'm back from a most exhausting trip in the backlands of darkest bulgaria, they have some absolutely splendid giraffes there - some of them are treated appallingly.

i have so much news for you. firstly and i know you will understand i have been off galavanting and having a wonderful time so emailling you just wasn't an option - i really couldn't be bothered. but now that i am back i will devote all my attentions to settling your disturbed state of mind.

who is this elohim you mention - is he a new friend or another money advisor. I haven't heard much from mr mabida lately. I have been having some thoughts about him and they are not good. I worry about you trusting him as you do.

another thing that troubles me is that you are not yet in receipt of you germ stones. this i hope to soon rectify this and reunite you with your precious germs so do not worry any longer momy is back. i have just a sneaking question that you maybe are into germ warfare - please confirm with me that this is not the case.

laterz son
sister momy ima


Attn:sister momy ima.
From Steven

Momy, i really don't know exactly how to express my gratitude to hear that your trip was so much successful, but the only one i will give thanks is God who protect and lead you throughout your stay in bulgaria.

More so, like as you have just ask me to explain who is Elohim, frankly speaking, according what my late father, he told me when he was still alive that Elohim is God. So kindly go to the bible and find out.

Furthermore, coming to Mr. Madiba, we happens to know him by our late lovely father who usually tell us that this man is his closest good friend, when i was 18 yrs this man visited us in our counrty, and since the late of our father immediately we rund down to South Africa to seek for an asylum status, he has been trying his possible best to be in good terms with us, so kindly feel free with him. Please momy, i will equally be more happy if you could mail him as soon as you recieve this email to ask him how far he has gone regarding this transaction, although definetly i will still inform him later today that you have return back from your trip.

Finally, all every arrangment on how to carry out this project have to handed over to him awaiting for your co-operation to actualized our dream to transfer this fund to your account. The reason why my father declare this consignment as a germ stone by the time he deposited this box to the security company was just to code it in other not to alart the eyez of the security firm for much dumorrage charges. So momy, this is not really germ stone, is it money and he equally did it for the security reasons from my government as you may be fully away that our president is not a good man as he not God fearing human beign.

Thanks and remain bless in all your life encounters, Amen.


To Steven
From Ima Daft

dear steven

i'm glad that you are so trusting in mr mabida. i will await for him to contact me with details of how much money he wants me to fork out for your little transaction. although you must understand that after my trip to bulgaria my funds have been greatly reduced. i am still awaiting for my first contact to provide me with the money he promised me and now i am beginning to wonder if i have been duped.

i am anxious that i do not want to be duped again because i will become very depressed and also very poor but i'm sure my dear son that you couldn't possibly be so cruel as to try and con me out of my money. i have been warned about a scam called 419 and need your reassurance in the name of god that you are not part of this.

please let me have your encouragement in truth as soon as possible.

your ever loving mother

From william madiba.
To Sister Ima.

Subject: On going buniness transaction with the family
of Steven Raphael.

Steven told me that you are back from Bugeria, how was
your trip? I hope evry thing went well as planned.
Glory be to God who made every thing posible and bring
you back home saftly.

I am writing to inform you on the present situation
regarding to this transaction as you are asking.

Attached below is the acknowladgement recipt from the
security company that stated the amount we are paying
for the monthly storage charges, and right now we are
only Owning for two month. if you are willing to help,
then let join hand together to balance up this bill in
the security company, and close the contract with them
to have this consignment released to us before we can
start making the transfer to your nominated account.

Awaiting your quick response

William Madiba

To: Mr Mabida & Steven Raphael
From: Ima Daft

Dear Steven and Mr Mabida

I have received your notice with interest. I do not have $41,000 to give you how can you possibly imagine that i could afford to send you that much money. I only have $2,500 - I know that is a little less than I'd previously stated but I have just come back from holiday and enjoying myself.

I have just one question for you both but mainly you Steven. How come your signature is different on the deposit form that the one on your asylum permit that you emailed me at the beginning of our correspondence. These signatures are completely different and could not possibly have come from the same person (but no doubt I'm sure you will have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this). I'm sure my suspicions are becoming very frustrating for you but I am very wary of the deceipt decesending around me. I have not at any stage felt assured by your assurances that you are not attempting to swindle me.

I will be willing to send you my money on satisfactory explanations being provided by you and obviously on whether or not i believe them.

How do you want the money?

yours in anticipation of the assurances required
in the name of god and all that is truthful

To Ima Daft
From Steven Raphael


May the blessings of God be with your and as well as in all your life encounters/endeavores, Amen.

Frankly speaking, what you said concerning defference signature is obviously truth. But the reason was that the very first day it was ready to sent to you, i took my mother to hospital for medical check up, becuase due to the fact that we find it very difficult to secure foreign partner who will lead us out from this critical situation, suddenly she developed H.B.P. of which i anticipated that i told you about then if you could remember.

More so, due to my absency by then, my younger brother sunny was the person who endorse it on my behalf for he family. Momy, the only assusrance i will give to you is that you can never regret of knowing us in future and i will never be a party to wicked you for your kind assistance, becuase i vehemently understood why you are asking this question, inother not to regret all your action.

Finally, coming to how to send this money to us, kindly email our financial adviser to tell you how to do it, becuase like as i told you, that every necessary arrangment on how to execute this transaction have been handed over to him.

Thanks and remain bless, hope to meet you soonest.

Awaiting for your quicker respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

Dearest Momy.

How is life together other sisters around you?, Hope fine.

Please momy, did you recieve my email sent to you yesterday, regarding your kind question?, becuase by now i antcipated that you might have respond back to me so that i will know the next thing to do.

More so, do not forget to respond as soon as you recieve this mail because time is no more on our side regarding this transaction. Have you contacted Mr. Madiba?, please while getting back, kindly let me know.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.


To Steven
From Sister Ima

my dear steven

ok i am assured by your assurances of you explanation. i was going to the bank today to arrange transfer of the money but i haven't yet heard from mr mabida so it will have to wait now for next week. i am having a meeting with my financial advisor later and i will ask him how best to proceed. he has always given me good advice in the past although he was disappointed i haven't yet received any money from the last person i helped so he may try to disuade me from venturing into this again.

mr mabida is not very efficient i am disappointed that you have engaged such a slothful person. i would have thought he would be itching to get this deal underway but he has chosen not to respond to my email. although you both stress that this is urgent why is he not acting so.

yours in business, pleasure and christ
sister ima.

To: Ima Daft
From: Steven Raphael

Dearest Momy,

Your mail has been recieved, just few minus now. So all what you said is quite well understood, but one thing i still want you to bear in mind is that all my family hope soley depens on your kind assistance as you normally do before ever since we started this transaction.

More so, meanwhile i am still disappointed from that your old formal business partner whom you have kindly invested all your effort/money to assist, hoping that by now they susposed to have respond positively, but only God will take control for this your kind effort.

Furthermore, please do not take simply because of the way this so call UNGODLY person treat you to change your life pertarn or deviate from your character, becuase the only assurance i will continue given to you regardless of people behavior to your effort to be of assistance, is that Almighty will never allowed you to go empty handed from been generous to people in need.

Finally, like as you have just lamented about Mr. Madiba for not have written or responding so quickly as expected, please kindly bear in mind that you are not offering this assistance because of his sake, you are doing it for our own favour. But meanwhile, i will later speak to him to email you immediately either today or latest by tomorrow.

Thanks and remain bless, and give my regrads to that your kind finncial advisor, i promise you that you will never regret of knowing us in future.

Awaiting for your quicker respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

From William Madiba

Dear sister Ima,

I am very sorry for my late reply

Thanks for your mail and your co-operation in this

Here is the account where you can pay in the money at
SWIFT CODE SBZAZAJJ, I promise you that the transction
will start immedaitely we recieve this money and clear
the out standing storage charges in the security
company. Rest be assured that no body is trying to
swindle you as you asked. I have told you in my mail
before that is only Almighty God who see the heart of
very man knows all the effort I have made to help this
family, I dont have to prove to any body who I am ,
because I am only doing it for God sake.

Thanks and remain bless

To Mr Madiba
From Sister Ima

dear mr madiba

how much do you want from me? i was going to the bank today to arrange the transfer, but due to your late reply it will now have to wait until late next week.

please can you let me have the full amount so i know how much i have to withdraw from the bank.

sister ima


To Steven Raphael and Mr Madiba
From Sister Ima

dear mr madiba and steven

i will send you $2,000 for your storage charges but first i want to be assured by your assurances that the money i will be receiving from you and you from the security box (not germ stones) will be clean money. i want to be assured by your assurances that the money will not be marked in any way and that i will not have to buy cleaning chemicals from you to wash this money.

a friend of mine has told me that this is a trick used by unscrupulous people to con more money out of their unsuspecting victims (not willing participants in things like this like myself). i have said this is nonsense and that i already have your assured assurances that you would not be taking part in any activity like that.

mr mabida i will make the money by wire transfer as soon as i have your assured assurances as mention/outlined above. can you also
please provide me with a secret.

yours in circumstances that hopefully are not suspicious
sister ima

From william madiba
To Sister Ima

Dear sister Ima,

I have told you before that this business is 100%
geniue, and I will not involve my self if it is not
clean money.

The money in the box is clean money. I dont understand
what mean by chemical to wash, because the money is


William Madiba

To Mr Madiba
From Sister Ima

good - i'm so pleased to have your assured assurances. i will make the payment by WU transfer sometime soon. can you give me a secret?

can i check your details

mr william mabida
624720640 Standard bank of south africa
Hillbrow Branch

most impressed by your fast action this time mr mabida

yours in trust in this risky business
sister ima


To: Ima Daft
From: Steven Raphael

Dearest Momy.

Thanks for your email. Momy frankly speaking, my own is real money which immediately afer release from the Security Company as soon as we settle for this dumorrage/storage charges accumulated, will automatically transferred to your overseas account, becuase as soon as it is out from the security house, it will be paid in to the South Africa Reserve Bank which will then channel it to the bank that will make the transfer to your account as soon as possible.

More so, Momy, throughly speaking there is nothing like chemical or any other thing in my money other than transfering it to your immediately this charges is settled. Please kindly go ahead and email Mr. Madiba to advice you on how to make the payment and feel free with me becuase i will vehemently not to be a party to suport any bad thing that will befall on you, any thing any day.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

To Steven Raphale
From Sister Ima

ok son I know you are honest and would never willingly participate in anything that would hurt me. i can feel your love and honesty in all your emails to me.

steven i must again reiterate my concerns regarding mr mabida. i need him to give me a secret and it pains me that he is not very quick off the mark and that he is delaying the situation by not responding to my emails very quickly. does he not have an office? does he not use his own computer? does he not care about you? or your family? trust me my son i want to get this deal over with quickly so that you may be free from that grotesque refugee camp.

i'm afraid my fellow sisters in the convent are worried about my state of mind. they think i am not in control of my faculties. but i can assure you that i have never felt better. my mother superior has threatened to have me sectioned under the mental health act and if that happens, son, then i fear i will no longer be in control of my fiances. they will give the power of my monies to our committee.

it is therefore imperative that i am able to pay you soon for i fear that i will be locked up as my increasing generous nature has given much cause for concern.

i trust you will be able to convince mr mabida that there is speed involved in this. i can send someone to the bank for $2000 but then i will go in person and pay by western union transfer but that will be sometime next week now. as mr mabida has not acted swiftly enough. how about i just make the western union transfer out to you and you can deal with it, i'm becoming more and more suspicious as i type this letter.

must go now as i feel the paranoia creeping in
yours in love and mental health
sister ima

To Ima Daft
From Steven Raphael

Dearest Momy.

Many thanks for your kind Parental Care as a lovely mother to be deeply touched concering our situation in the refugee camp down here. But honest sepeaking, kindly feel free to work with Mr Madiba as i have inform you exactly how we know him from our late father of which i told you that when my father was alive, he usally do visit us. So if he is not good to us, i anticipated that my late father would have not introduce us/ instructed i and my mother to accepted him, since he care for us.

More so, like as you email me to re-assure you that he is good person, momy, go ahead and work with him on our behalf to actualised this transaction as soon as possible please for God Sake.

Furthermore, coming to the issue of sending the money definetly by next week, kindly do it either by the accounting information he told us that he have given to you, or if it will stress you much, kindly email him so that he can alternatively send you name to be used to make the payment be money garm, becuase western union is not working here.

Finally, please while getting back to me, endeavore to send me your private phone number to speak with you once more dear momy.

Kindly call it a day for now becuase i am about to go back the the refugee camp, till tomorrow.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.
Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

From William Madiba

Sister Ima,

Thanks for your mail.

Please let me know exactely what you want? I dont
understand what mean by, can you give a secret

If you are ready and willing to help in this
transaction, I have given you the account where you
can pay in this money or you can send it through
money gram with the name I will foward to you when I
recieve your posative response, because western union
is not working here in South Africa

Awaiting your response

To Mr Madiba
From Sister Ima

ok money gram will have to do i can't pay via the bank because they need anti-terrorist clearance and money laundering clearance and i'm afraid that this would cause problems.

i need from you - for the money gram form

receive code
who i am paying
company name
account number to be paid

once i have this information i will assure you of my assurances to carry out this assurance.


To: Ima Daft
From: Steven Raphael


Momy i hope you are getting alright both mentally, physically,spiritually as you told you me that you are about to be confused simply because of your kind assistance. God can never allowed such a thing to befall you.

Please like as you have just promsed us that every thing concerning the payment will be by next week, kindly do not disappoint us my dear momy. All my assurance is that you can never regret of knowing my family as soon as this transaction is over.

Thanks and remain bless in all your life encounters/endaevores, Amen.

Awaiting for your quicker respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

To Sister Ima
From Steven Raphael


How is your health together with life gerenally?, hope all is fine.

Momy, it still surprise me for not hear nor recieve your email for few days now, are you okay?, please kindly email me as soon as you recieve this my mail because really for not have had from you by now keep me in suspense uptil this moment, of which made me to beign to wonder if something is wrong with you.

More so, have you been contacted by Mr. Madiba, regarding on how to send this money?, please if you have not yet hear from him, kindly let me know becuase he told us when he visited my family in the refugee camp last time that he have send banking details and as well as suggested that incase if you don't want to pay the money through the bank, he can send you information on how to pay the money by MONEY GERM, since western union is not working or operating here in South Africa.

Finally, pleae momy. kindly email me immediately you recieve this mail.

Thanks and remain bless in all your life encounters/endeavores, Amen.

Awaiting for your urgent respond.

MR. Steven Raphael,
for the family.

To: Sister Ima
From: William Madiba

Dear Sister Ima,

Thanks for your mail.

I hope all is well with you together with your family,
and too guess you are ok interms of health wise,
Thanks be to God.

This is the information which you will use to send the
money through money gram.

Address: No. 3A Elizaberth Road Bedfordview
Johanessburg, you dont need any other information or
account to pay in this money, you are paying it
through money gram.

Awaiting your urgent response

To: Steven Raphael
From: Sister Ima


i am deeply touched that you are so worried about me, or is it just that you want my money?

Anyway i've been to send a Moneygram for $2000 and they will only let me send $899 as this is not enough money for you and i believe it will just be lost in the charges for demurrage there is not really any point in me sending you any money at all. I seem to be the one who is constantly doing the running around and i'm fed up with it now. I'm tired son and will no longer be around in this world. I realise now that my willingness to help you was born out of greed and I was looking forward to receiving your money. but after much praying the lord has shown me that this is BAD BAD BAD of me and that I was taking a path that he had not chosen for me. He sent you to test me and I now feel that I have journeyed along the road and reached the conclusion of my travels with god and your family. it would be wrong for me to help you, wrong for me to encourage you doing business with the incompetent mabida. you need to ask yourself what does the lord think of offering large amounts of money to little old ladies in return for a few thousand dollars of their life savings. he would think it was BAD BAD BAD.

Mr Mabida as i suspected is a very incompetent man, he has taken days to get back to me with a contact for the money and then you berate me for not getting back to you. I think you should look to someone a bit closer to home to criticise, after all i am the one doing the favours (well was doing the favours). I can't deal with incompetents and am frustrated to be told to pay in a way that won't accept my money.

your in a frustrated dodgy businesss arrangement
sister ima

To Ima Daft
From Steven Raphael

Dearest Momy.

Momy many thanks for your email, not minding the tone of your response, which uptil this moment put me and my mother here in the refugee camp in astonishment for this your sudding word. Frankly speaking, i really don't know how to express myself to convince you that i really cares for your welfare, after you have kindly explained to me what you have been going through mentley, not only because of you wanted to be of assistance to redeem my dear family from this our situation, but as my fellow human beign.

More so, momy i also disappointed how you told me that you really anticipated may be , that only what i am after is your money which is wrong, because if i have intenssion of treating or betred you at the first place, i would have send my picture to you. So i think i told you that the reason why i demanded for this money from you, is just to complete the one we have at hand for the completion for the release of this consignment, before it will be finaly transfered to your account of you which you told me that you will only assist if i could send my picture to you which i did to prove myself.

Furthermore, momy if you still want to be of assistance to send this money for us for the completion of the one my financial adviser have at hand for the release of this consignment, kindly let me know even if you said that you don't trust mr madiba, i can look for someone whom i will use hisaccounting info information to recieve the money and went to the security company by myself to pay the money along with the one mr. madiba have at hand, so that definetly by next week, the money will be transferred to your account for us to meet you in uk and sitdown and plan where to invest this money our future.

Finally, momy please do not disappoint me at the end of this hour.

Thanks and remain bless, till then.

Awaiting for your quicker respond.

Mr. Steven Raphael,
for the family.


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